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    If you come with your own transport, the roads of Campo Grande until Bonito are great, the asphalt is good and the movement is peaceful. The roads are ecological, with virtually no traffic of heavy vehicles, which makes the travel enjoyable and not tiring. To go to the tours, the transportation is essential because the tourist attractions in Bonito are located outside the city, in distances ranging from 08km to 60 km. If you don't come with your own transport, you can opt for a shared transport or private. We have new vehicles with air conditioning, with very accessible prices. Please contact us and make a quote!
Catarino's Guest House
Adress: 24 de Fevereiro Street, 1460 - Downtown
Zip Code: 79290-000 | Bonito - South Mato Grosso | Brazil
Telephone: +55 (67) 3255-2823
Celular phone: (67) 9 9615-4165
  Distancia from Bonito and...  
Campo Grande (BR 060 / BR 419) 290 km
Miranda 130 km
Ponta Porã 280 km
Belo Horizonte 1.790 km
Brasília 1.465 km
Corumbá 335 km
Foz do Iguaçu 960 km
Cuiabá 975 km
Curitiba 1.050 km
Florianópolis 1.455 km
Fortaleza 3.680 km
Porto Alegre 1.755 km
Rio de Janeiro 1.600 km
Salvador 2.900 km
São Paulo 1.170 km
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New fligh of Azul - Air Company between Bonito and Campinas (São Paulo):
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Departure Time
Output Time
11:08h (Brasília time)
12:20h (local time)
12:45h (local time)
16:18h (Brasília time)
Observation: The timezone of Bonito is one hour less in relation to Brasília.